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Citi System® is a new way of working, sitting, and relaxing uniting street furniture and signage in a modular, eco-conscious, coordinated space.

The design has been carefully crafted to minimise its environmental impact at every stage, and its clever, modular format allows for limitless composition and space-saving opportunities.

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Eco-friendly, Modular Street Furniture

Citi System® is a distillation of years of observation, listening, surveying, and thinking. It brings people together and provides comfort, conviviality, nature, and information all in one space.

Guy Walton, Founder

Rebuild, revitalise, and reinvent your town or city with Citi System®.

Combine components or use them individually as freestanding units.

Pedestrianise areas by providing peaceful retreats and open, uncluttered runs.

Create ‘pocket parks’ in urban areas and use decorative planters to increase biodiversity.

The attractive monoliths can display messages or wayfinding, or be used as advertising space to help make the units cost-neutral.

Secure components to the Citi System® base to create a portable system for market days or temporary installations.

Citi Systems, Street Furniture in Landscape Architecture

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